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BeautyLicious, Massage.

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage


This treatment allows the body and mind to unwind but it also helps with muscular pain, removal of tension, helps revitalise and helps to get rid of any build up of adipose tissue. This treatment will leave clients feeling relaxed and can be done using armo oils or grape seed oil. This treatment lasts 30 minutes.



Hand and Arm Massage


This treatment is normally done when a facial mask is on or during a manicure. This is done using a moisturiser.



Full Body Massage


A full body massage will last for one hour. This is a Full Swedish body massage using grape seed oil.



Aromatherapy Massage


Aromatherapy massage will last for one hour. This massage is done using a selection of essential oils which are targeted towards each client's specific problem areas.



Sinus Massage


This is where around the sinuses and all over the nose is massaged using aromatherapy oil. This is used to help clients breathe better and help unblock the noise when clients have had a cold. This treatment will last 15 minutes.