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Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions


Lash FX products

Semi Permanent lashes treatment will take around 3 hours to complete. These individual eyelash extensions are the fastest growing salon service in the UK and are increasingly becoming a ‘must have’ salon treatment.


Lash FX is leading the way in this growing beauty trend with these products. These lashes are designed to last for around 4 weeks.



Individual Eyelash Extensions


Individual lashes treatment will take around 20 minutes to complete. These lashes are applied individually and give fantastic looking results. These lashes are designed to last for just a couple of days but if looked after can last for a few weeks.



Strip Lashes


This is where a strip of lashes is applied on top of the natural lashes to give a fuller effect of the eyelashes and to enhance the eyes. This treatment takes 10 – 15 minutes. These are normally applied for a party or nights out.



Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting


Eyelash tinting involves carefully dying the lash with safe, natural tints, to give them a natural darker appearance. Many different eyelash and eyebrow tint colours (including blues, browns, black and greys) are available so we can compliment your skin and hair colour perfectly.


Eyebrow tinting is where a semi permanent dye is applied to the eyebrow to match hair colour.



Eyebrow Waxing


This is where wax is applied to the under of the eyebrow and pulled off to remove any unwanted hair and to give a nice shape of the client’s preference. Plucking is also used to remove any hairs that the wax has not removed. Pre wax is applied before waxing and after wax is applied afterwards. This treatment lasts 20 minutes.